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    About three weeks ago I heard the current director,  Joan Peery, was not running for reelection. This would leave a vacancy in District #4 where I’ve lived for seven plus years.

    As a member of the Francis Howell School District’s Technology Committee, I see the positive impact of community guidance of government agencies. These entities, the Ambulance District, School Districts, Fire Districts are all there to serve us, the people of this great county and our involvement, all of our involvement can make our community a better place to live and work.

    I have decided to run for this position because I believe my experience in owning a small business, managing people, understanding financials and the budgeting process can be an asset to our community. There is much to learn about our ambulance district and I’ll be writing about it here as we move closer to the election.

    Figuring out where we are now, seeing how we arrived and planning where we go from here is of great importance. This community has growing population from young to old, so keeping an efficient emergency care and transportation for the sick and injured of St. Charles County is important to us all.

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